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Hola!! de a poquito se me fue pasando la semana y después de 2 semanas!!! recién publicó... les cuento que tengo una sobrecarga de tarjetas sin publicar :P jeje.... y otras cositas mas :) Esta semana pasaron muchas cosas entre ellas (empiezo por las malas): se rompió mi compu noooooo sip, pero por suerte el programa de la Cricut aun anda!! es una de las cosas mas importante que tengo hay adentro!! uno cosa buena de la semana: aprendí a hacer svg. file (los archivos para cortar en la Cricut!!) asi que ahora puedo cortar muchaaaas cosas más!
Una pequeña aclaración: las fotos estan medias feas porque mi papá esta de viaje y se llevo la cámara así que ahora las estoy tomando con un camara pocket... ( como antes :D )

Esta tarjeta la hice con la inspiración de la foto de las dos camas (esta abajo) en realidad no me gusta el color negro, pero con las bolitas de colores le da vida! Corte circulitos de diferentes colores y los fui pegando en diferente relieves. Aqui les dejo las fotos:

Hi!!! 1 week... 2 weeks.... and Im here! I have many cards to show you and orders thing I did in holidays (: but for now just this card lol. I have b a d news!!:my computer broke nooooooo, yes :( but in the few things that works is the SCAL!! so I can keep on using my Cricut :D (luckly lol)
This card was 50% inspired by the photo of the 2 beds, and 50% inspired by Moxie Fab World photo inspiration. You know black is not my favourite color but with the little color dots is look nice (:
Here are the photos:


Besos y gracias por visitarme!! Thanks for visiting me!

Have a great day!

Do you want to listen a little secret? this is NOT a Martha Stewat punch, is a Cricut file I made with the design of that punch :D Im a punch maker now!! yep when I say I learn to make svg. file I was taking about this! cut whatever you want in your Cricut!!! yayy

Caardvarks: Birthday


Food and Travel

Hello!! Im here in my first day of winter holidays!!!! yep Im on holidays!!! 2 weeks of no-school days! what can be better? lol. In this holidays Im planing to do:
  • Go to the ice skating rink everyday!! e v e r y d a y lol
  • Make many many cards
  • Cook something yummy from the Pioner Woman Blog (she has some amazing recipes that I cant wait to try (:
  • Go to the cinema to watch: Eclipse!!
  • Post the photos on my room, (I promise this time I will do it lol)
  • Make a pretty bracelet for myself :D
  • Eat ice cream and post nice things in my blog yaaaay
Apart from this I have more news!!! Tomorrow Im travelling to Buenos Aires (: !! (but I already have more things prepare to show you! ) Another cool new: today a create a Flickr account! this is my link. Why a create a Flickr account? because there is a really nice Contest on Hero Art!! and to participate I have to upload my photo the Flickr Group. So here is my card: the theme is Food and Travel, I did like "food signs" because with my family we travel a lot by car :)


PS: I will be posting new items in my Etsy Shop (:



Flowers flowers flowers (:

Hola!! Hoy hice una tarjeta bastante diferente a las que hago siempre, hice una flor grande con papel cedita y unas maripositas con papel aluminio. Como termine la tarjeta tarde tome la foto adentro de casa y le puse en el fondo un cuadro que termine hace poco. Es una playa y lo hice al óleo. Acá les dejo las fotos:

Hi! Today I did a quite different card for the ones I always do, I made a big pink flower with paper and some little butterflis with aluminium foil. I finished the card late at night so I decided to takes the photos indoor, and guest what a put like background!? a painting a finished a few weeks ago! doesn´t it looks like a beach (: ?

Aquí la flor en detalle con las mariposas:

Esta foto la puse porque salió sin querer el título -Patagonía- (:
I put this photo because it said : -Patagonia- (: (where I live) lol


Wee memories: Free (:
Everything but the kitchen sink: aluminium foil (the butterflies)
flutterbywednesdays: Butterflies
pileitonchallenge: My fav things (flowers!)
Etsy inspired: Kimmie prout shop
Moxie fab world: photo inspiration


P.S: thanks for all the nice comments!!

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