DIY Peter Pan Collar

Hi! Today I bring a fashion tutorial! a Peter Pan Collar 100% handmade!
What I first did was cut two of this collar in a peace of cloth, leaving about 2 cm around.
Then I sew the button part and start adding the sequins
For the sequins, first. you have to put a sequin and a bead, then go with the needle through the sequing hole, and pass the needle next to the sequin, that's the technique! I started from the borders to the center

When you are finally done, sew by hand the top and before closing add to ribbons long enough for you to wear it

What would you use this collar with?
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Love, Agus
  1. Uau que trabajaso Agus, una por una. Cuánto tiempo te llevo? Te quedó genial, me encantaría ver luego una foto de como lo usas.

  2. Oh, you must have put in so much effort but the result is super stunning! :)

  3. ¡Qué bonito! Ojalá yo tuviera esa paciencia para hacerlo...


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