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What to see in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay - Travelogue

Last December between Christmas and New Year I went with my family to Colonia, Uruguay.  Is about an hour from Buenos Aires going by boat. We stayed for 3 nights but is a perfect city for one day trip from Buenos Aires or one night. Here are some photos I took in our trip:

The city is super small and incredible charming, is about 300 years old and is used to be a Portuguese colony so it has still all the architecture from that time. Every street is so beautiful with the pavers and flower creepers everywhere. As well as that weather is hardly bad at this time of the year, so is always sunny and enjoyable.

Faro de Colonia, Uruguay

In the center of the city you can see the lighthouse next to the fortress. One thing you can do if you are for one day and want to see explore everything faster is renting a golf car (they have it everywhere) but you have to go early in the morning because they run out of then really fast.

It is full of parrillas as well and cute little coffee shops. This was my first time in Colonia and I couldn't believe the beauty of the city, and that is only one hour away!! (that is what i travel to go to work everyday haha)

Portón de Campo

A super nice coffee shop that we found was Ganache, it is located in a quite street and is really cozy.
Ganache Café, Real 178

"Calle de los suspiros" is a must city to walk through, is just next to the lighthouse and the fortress, it feels like going back in time.  
And this is one of the most delicious (and addictive) dulce de leche I ever tried, a nice souvenir to bring back home.

I hope you liked :) Which other one day trip do you enjoy or have you done in Buenos Aires?
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How to do a hanging photo frame

So as you can tell from other post, I love paper photos and this is the reason two years ago I started printing them to put in this kind of analog instagram. Today I completed the final line of photos and I decided to share the final look!

The frame is made super easy with 4 stick of wood, two of 1,20 mt and two of 65 cm. Assamble together into a big frame and I made 8 holes in each side, plus 2 more on the top so I can hang it. Them I put a string and voila!

How do I print the photos?

I always loved polaroid photos so I started printing "polaroid like photos" using this template that is made for printing 6 photos of 6,5 x 6,5 cm in a big photo of 15x21cm. That's the method I use for the photos that I took with the cellphone or the camera (which are most of the photos)

However, a year ago I (finally) bought a Fujifilm Mini Instax 8. I must confess is super fun to take photos with the Fujifilm but I barely carry the camera around and I still can't manage to used correctly, I usually end up with photos that are too dark or to exposed (looking forward to make an upgrade on this camera soon!)

 Please lets talk about this damn beautiful copper wire lights that cost less than 3usd in Aliexpress. They are so delicate and warm looking, the use two small batteries so you can put it absolutely everywhere. This was my final touch for this frame

Hope you like it! Do you usually print photos as well?

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Campanopolis, ciudad secreta en Buenos Aires - Argentina

Después de estar viviendo más de cuatro años en Buenos Aires, fue hasta hace poco cuando escuche por primera vez nombrar esta ciudad llamada Campanopolis. A solo 30km de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, se encuentra Campanopolis, en Gonzalo Catán, en medio del partido de la Matanza. Las 20 áreas que ocupan fueron la adquisición su creador, Antonio Campana en el 1977 con la idea de criar ganado. En el 80 durante la dictadura se le fue expropiado para usarlo como basural devolviendoselo 5 años después inutilizable para el ganado o cultivos al mismo tiempo que se le diagnostico un tumor. Fué así como decidió no seguir con su empresa para seguir su sueño: constuir una ciudad medieval. 

[English] After living more than four years in Buenos Aires, it wasn't until some month ago that I hear for the first time about Campanopolis. Campanopolis is situated only 30km away from Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, in Gonzalo Catán. The 20 areas occupied by this city were the acquisition of it creator, Antonio Campana,  in 1977 with the idea of raising cattle. In 1980 during the dictatorship the land was expropriated to use as a landfill, returning it 5 years later, unusable for livestock or crops, at the same time a tumor is diagnosed to Campana. Thus he decided not to quit his business to follow his dream: build a medieval city. 

El destino hizo que Campana viviera 24 años los cuales los utilizo para edificar esta ciudad. Fanático de los remates compraba todo tipo de objetos, desde asientos de teatros hasta antiguas puertas del Hipódromo de Palermo y un molino de Holanda. Reciclandolo todo en la ciudad que estaba construyendo. Ninguna de las casas que hizo es habitable sin embargo todas ellas están detalladamente finalizadas y hermosamente equipadas con todos los objetos que Campana coleccionaba.

The destiny made Campana live 24 years which he spent building this city. Huge fan of the auctions he bought all kind of objects, from seats of theaters to old doors of Buenos Aires' Hippodrome and a mill of Netherlands. Recycling all of this in the city he was slowly building. None of the houses he made are habitable. However, all of them are finely finished and beautifully equipped with all the objects Campana collected.

Sus hijos comentan que su padre no le gustaba que visiten su ciudad, que algo para él. Sin embargo hoy, después de varios años después de su muerte, Campanopolis está abierto al público con visitas guiadas que ayudan a cubrir los costos de mantenimiento del lugar. Nosotros fuimos con esta agencia que hace visitas guiadas.

His children say that his father didn't like anyone visiting the city, that was for him only. However, today after several years after his death, Campanopolis is open to the public through guided tours that help cover the maintenance costs. I went with this agency that make guided tours.

Los detalles del lugar es infinito. En mi opinión no es muy Medieval pero las construcciones son increíbles de descubrir. Para los amantes de la fotografía, un muy buen lugar para hacer una salida fotográfica! Acá les dejo un par más de fotos:

The details of this place are endless. In my opinion it is not that "medieval style" but each construction is incredible to discover. For the photography lovers is a great place to make a "photography trip" in Buenos Aires. Here are more of the photos I took:

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