Almost done!

I haven´t been posting for a while... but I have a valid reason!!! Last weekend I was travelling with my parents, we went to San Martín del los Andes, a beautiful cozy city bording the mountains, here is a little collage of my three favorite photos, next time I will make a post with flora photos, which are really good too (:

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but this weekend.... I scrap a lot ! (well, no that much, just the same as usual ) and Im almost done!! yes! you heart (or read it :P ) I only have to make the cover and I finish my mini album! yaaay for that! I thought it will be really fun to show you some : behind the scene work <---- felling professional today ;). So here are some of my sketches!

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I also have missing all the phrases, so when I finish the whole album, I will show you all the details (;

Hope you like it! Finally I have a little surprise for you!! Is a really personal confession, ok? so dont tell anyone:
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lol, I made this digi image for you!, feel free to put on your blog, or print or just stare at it (:


P.S: I started twitting again! I actually have Twitter fever (; Im twitting about new post, news, and random stuff, so if you want to follow me click here:

Feliz día de la madre!!

Los fines de semana son sagrados para mi jaja siempre trato de no tener nada de tarea para poder hace mis cosas (= tarjetas, blog, y mirar miles de blog) este finde semana empecé patin sobre hielo (: ya empezó la temporada wiiii, y en casa nos dedicamos a hacer -algo- con la caja de membrillos que nos reagalaron, sip nos regalaron una caja de membrillos!!! hicimos compota, jalea y dulce, que esta en la heladera aún. Tenemos membrillos hasta para el año que viene jaja. Al mismo tiempo que se hacía los membrillos estube haciendo una tarjeta para el día de la madre :D

Weekends are really -holy- to me, just to do my stuff (= making cards, reading blogs and leaving comments) and nothing of homework, well that´s what I always try to do... This weekend I start ice skating again yay ( the ice rink only opens on winter...) and at home we were working really hard making -quince stuff-, yep is quince season and we are full of quince :S. At the same time I was whisking quince jelly I was making this card for Mother´s day :D

Mi idea al principio era hacer unos puntitos con acuarela, me inspiré por esta foto
My idea at first was to make watercolor dots, I was inspired by this image of Moxie Fab world:
(nada que ver la foto con la idea jaja) pero luego me di cuenta que no decia -feliz día- así que en el espacio le agregué feliz dia con acuerela en vez de puntitos :D
(yep I know, my idea have nothing to do with the image, that how ideas come to me lol) but them I realise it didnt say -Feliz día- en ningun lado, so I replace my dot idea to a -Feliz día- also in watercolors:

Y tambien hice la tag para acompañar el regalo!
And I also made a tag for the present!
Me voy a hacer una tortaaaa que ya se va a hacer de noche jaja
I am leaving because I have to bake a cake yaaay lol

Embellish Magazine
Inspired by:


More and more scrapbook!

ya volviiiii (: me fue super lindo en Chile! aunque llovía torrencialmente no nos impidió comer muchos mariscoooos y cosas ricas !!! y sip... he estado haciendo un poco mas de scrapbook, la idea era terminar mi album para el día del scrapbook, el cual es... este sábado! ups... pero estoy más cerca jaja, al menos lo voy terminar en el -mes del scrapbooking- jaja
Aquí van las fotos, ya quiero terminarlo para mostrarcelo todo entero!!!!:

Im back!!! (: and yep.. I have been making some scrapbook pages, the idea was to finish the whole album for the scrapbook day, which is this saturday... ups lol hopefully I will finish during the - Scrapbook Month- lol
Here are some photos:

Esta es la parte más colorida (: son las fotos de Punta Cana del año pasado :D
This are the most colorful pages (: they are the photos of Punta Cana from last year :D
siiii me faltan dos paginas más y lo termino (:
yaaaay only two pages left!!!
Besos!, Agus

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