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I haven´t been posting for a while... but I have a valid reason!!! Last weekend I was travelling with my parents, we went to San Martín del los Andes, a beautiful cozy city bording the mountains, here is a little collage of my three favorite photos, next time I will make a post with flora photos, which are really good too (:

(click to enlarge the image)

but this weekend.... I scrap a lot ! (well, no that much, just the same as usual ) and Im almost done!! yes! you heart (or read it :P ) I only have to make the cover and I finish my mini album! yaaay for that! I thought it will be really fun to show you some : behind the scene work <---- felling professional today ;). So here are some of my sketches!

(click to enlarge the image)

I also have missing all the phrases, so when I finish the whole album, I will show you all the details (;

Hope you like it! Finally I have a little surprise for you!! Is a really personal confession, ok? so dont tell anyone:
(click to enlarge the image)

lol, I made this digi image for you!, feel free to put on your blog, or print or just stare at it (:


P.S: I started twitting again! I actually have Twitter fever (; Im twitting about new post, news, and random stuff, so if you want to follow me click here:
  1. What a sweet post, I love your sketches and the pages! wonderful way to preserved your sweet memories!

  2. Que lindo es ver un post tuyo como siempre con toques dulces y tiernos.

    Te mando muchos saludos.

  3. Agus me encantan tus fotos de tus vacaciones, Que bueno que te la estes pasando bien!!


  4. ¡Belísimo trabajo! Tenga una bendecida semana!


  5. Fantastic post.

    Really enjoyed reading it and it held my attention all the way through! Keep it up.

    Read my Latest Post


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