Glow Eindhoven 2015

La realidad es que Eindhoven no es un ciudad que tenga algo en particular de especial, no como Delft, Utrecht, o Amsterdam con sus hermosos canales o Rotterdam con su arquitectura moderna. Eindhoven simplemente fue una ciudad que Philips eligió para poner sus fábricas, la arquitectura es un poco más nueva que la del resto de las ciudades y hay un par de museos destacables pero no deja de ser una "ciudad de 1 día". De todas formas, tengo que destacar que a pesar de esto es una ciudad que le pone muchísima onda! Mi post anterior fue sobre la Dutch Desing Week, donde juntaron proyectos de números artísticas holandesés o estudiantes en Holanda en esta exhibición que duró una semana.

Y esta semana fue "Glow Eindhoven". Que es algo tan "sencillo" como un montón de instalaciones alrededor de la ciudad con increíbles efectos lumínicos (Philips ahí siempre presente). Me encantó el proyecto porque me hizo descubrir nuevos lugares en la ciudad! Hubo desde proyecciones en edificios hasta efectos con grafitis existentes, básicamente usaban cosas ya existentes de la ciudad y las reinventaban con luz.

Glow Eindhoven 2015, Netherlands
La foto de arriba es de una de las instalaciones principales de Eindhoven Glow, Cuando apenas llegué y lo ví por primera vez creo que no pude contenerme un gran "wooow".  Convirtieron toda una plazoleta que generalmente esta vacía, con esta hermosa estructura toda iluminada con leds, y a la noche cuando se prendía hacían como un pequeño espectáculo con música y demás. Realmente era mágico estar ahí dentro. 

Esta es otra instalación que me encantó, en un sector del parque pusieron como estos dientes de león gigante por todos lados. Parecía un pequeño cuento de hadas. 

Y por último me encantó esta instalación en Strijp-S, (Strijp-S es como el barrio más hipster de Eindhoven, hay una onda más moderna, es de esos lugares que eran super feos porque eran todos pabellones de fábricas pero que ahora están nuevos, modernos y super caros!). Son como burbujas de jabón pero están hechos con tiras de plástico que como que van girando y tienen una luz arriba que les da ese brillo de arcoiris tan especial. 

Creo que es un buen ejemplo de como se puede hacer mucho con poco! Me encantó ver tanta gente paseando por la ciudad emocionada por ver que hay en el Glow de este año. Niños y adultos igual de asombrados por las instalaciones, linda forma de unir a la gente, de traer cultura y de darle vida a una ciudad!

Ya tienen en cuenta que si vienen en Noviembre a Holanda, pasen por Eindhoven para ver esto que en verdad vale la pena!

Dutch Design Week 2015 - Eindhoven

It been some weeks since the Dutch Design Week took place in Eindhoven. I remember that the few things I knew about Eindhoven before coming was: there is a big design movement and an awesome technological institute, it sounds like a good place to be! And if there it was something in my calendar even before being here was the Dutch Design Week.

I arrived just 2 days before it was over! I had to study a lot for exams but I make time to visit the main installations. What I loved the most about all the projects is the way the combined art and technology in real problems of society, it wasn't just about "pretty design". 

In the photo above is a project call "Interactive VIKA", when you first see it, is was like a wall where each part moved when the person moved. But the main goal of it is to put in hospitals to empower seriously ill children.  This project was part of the "Mind the Step" exhibition, which consisted in a lot of project looking to discover the power of technology, research and design.

This was 3D printing with clay, I didn't even know this already existed!

The Bottle-up project turns the glass waste that tourist leave behind on Zanzibar into valuable assets. They have created really beautiful elements with glass bottles combining them with wood as well. (I really recommend checking their website!)

Knitting project - Hat/Scarf - Entrelact pattern

Winter is coming and is time for knitting projects! It was some time ago that I get to know Skeino, they have some really nice knitting kits! This is one of them and it is a scarf that turns into a hat! Designed by Antje Gillingham for SKEINO, the kit comes with the instructions as well as with the yarn. (Friend advice: use the coupon code GUIDECENTRAL to get 10% off until November 1, 2015)

This pattern is call "Entrelac" and is one sided, it consists of a first road of triangles and then a second road of squares, just of one side of the triangles, and then other road of squares in the opposite direction. Here's how to begin: Row 1 (right side) - K1, turn. Row 2 (wrong side) - Purl 1 (P1), turn. Row 3 - Slip (SL) 1 knitwise (KW), K1, turn. Row 4 - P2, turn. Row 5 - SL 1 KW, K2, turn. Row 6 - P3, turn. Repeat rows 5 and 6, adding 1 more knit SL for every right side row until you've worked 8 stitches, ending with row 5. Don't turn your work, place your marker, repeat from row 1, 12 more times.

You can choose between many different high quality yarns. This colorway is called "Port Allen".

Updates! - Living in Holland

It been a long time seens I have been around here! Lot's of things (happy to say the were mostly quite awesome things!)  happen after the last post, I've been involved in some projects in my university that took most of my free time but now the panorama changed a lot for me, because... I move to Netherlands!

Tu/E Library, Eindhoven, Netherlands
I will be living in Eindhoven until Febraury 2016! And I am lucky to say that I will have the chance to study at Tu/E for a semester, the university is so stunning in both academic and architectonic way!

The Pastry Club, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Eindhoven is quite small but I still dont know it all (I have to get use to biking!) so far I have discovered some pretty nice places! Like this pastry shop that used to be and old machinery of Philips, super hipster!

Food Market, Eindhoven, Netherlands
It will be an interesting 6 month abroad :) This was my little update, hope to be able to blog more often! I have lot of trips photos to share!


Travelogue: Trondheim, Norway

 About a month ago I found myself in a totally never thinkable trip: flying to Norway in the middle of winter, for a ten days international student festival in Trondheim (ISFIT) . ISFIT gathers 400 selected students aroudn the world in this 10 days festival, every 2 years, where a topic of interest is discuss, this year was: Corruption.

I remember filling my application one day really late at night and really over the deadline as usual... And a few weeks later receving the email letting me know that I was selected, and it was like "oh cool, but I think there is now way I am going, is too far away". After this talking with a close friend he told he was selected as well! we were already two, and few days latter a super cheap flight appear, In a blink of eyes I got my flight ticket to Norway, and didn't know what to expect from this country. The trip when something like this: 3rd Febraury almost 40 degrees celsious in Buenos Aires, 20hs flight, arriving to Oslo with -5 degrees celsious and plenty of snow everywhere. Everything was so fast that I didn't even get time to think about how cold it was

Oslo-Gardermoen Airport

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim 

Old part of the city

Finally I arrive to Trondheim, I always was more of the cold weather rather than the warm weather but damn it, it was really cold here! As soon as we arrive volunteers from ISFIT assigned us a family an a roomate where we will be staying during this 10 days. And also show as the Studenter Samfundent that is like the "Student House" of Trondheim where all the workshops and plenaries took place.

Studenter Samfundent
A day later the Opening ceremony took place! We were 400 students from all over world, plus 400 organizers of Isfit. Everything was super surreal.

Opening ceremony at isfit 2015 trondheim norway

One of the speakers we got the chance to hear was Dalai Lama! we were able to ask him question and get to know him in real person!

As we were a lot of students from a lot of different backgrounds an interest, we were dividen in differetns workshop that approached corruption from different perspectives. I was in the photography workshop and we had as goal to make a little video that express what corruption is.

This was one day after walking in the city we wanted to get warm and we enter to this little coffee shop that later they told us is really tradicinal in Trondheim, it felt like we were having hot chocolate in our grandmother house, super cozy!

Baklandet Skydsstation Coffee Store

City Center

Nidaros Cathedral saw from the Kristiansten Fortress

One of the thing I enjoyed the most was the "Walk of Peace", was night walk from the Studentsamfundent to the center of an auditorium where the Youth Peace Prize was given. Was a really beautiful walk that make a stop for a minute and see how huge this was...

ISFIT Walf of Peace
The last day was the Parliament, where a representative of each workshop expose the possible solutions we came across for corruptuon to the panel of judge that include people from the ONU, so it was a really interesting discussion.

 This was my workshop! People from Italy - Serbia - France - Arab Emirates - Kasajistan - Kosovo - Taiwan - China - Russia - Poland - Nigeria - Rumania - Macedonia - Canada and I am pretty sure I am forgetting some countries. A crazy multicultural group of young people!

 So this were the things that impress from Trondheim:

-How polite and gentle is everyone, always willing to help!

-How freaking expensive is everything!! seriously, it was expensive to breath almost...

-How cold was it!! the city never stop snowing, or raining, or snow strom, and they love walking btw, so yeah no matter if it is -10 and snow up to your knee, is probably a nice day to go walking.
The last thing that call my attention was how much power had the students in this city, is was a real "student city" many people from Oslo move here to attend University (which is unthinkable here in Argentina) The Studentsamfundent was something super interesting, a 6 floors building right in the middle of the city, lead by all non paid volunteers students, that want to make this city affordable and better for student, since they are not paid they had the cheapest restaurant in Norway! As well as the biggest student festival :)
My advice if you are going to Norway: unless you want to go skyiing, or really want ot experience super extreme weather, go in summer. And have in mind that is way to expensive, if I were you I will bring some food! But apart from that is a mind blowing country! Super different from everything I know so far!

 I hope you enjoyed the post and like the pictures!
Love, Agus

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6 Cafés para ir a estudiar en Buenos Aires

// Edición 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ >> 10 cafés para trabajar o estudiar en Buenos Aires
// Edición 2017 >>  7 Cafés para trabajar o estudiar en Buenos Aires

Hace unas semanas atrás publiqué este post con 9 cafés de Buenos Aires que me gustaron mucho, y ahora traigo la parte dos, dado que comenzaron las clases y época de estudio! Así que esta es mi selección de 6 cafés para ir a estudiar y hacer más llevadero el cuatrimestre :)

cafes para estudiar en buenos aires cafeterias


Tiene ubicación bastante céntrica sin embargo esta en una calle muy tranquila. Es uno de las sucursales de café Illy, siempre te sirven el cafe con un chocolate Lindt. El lugar no es demasiado grande pero a las mañanas nunca hay demasiada gente.

Foto de Import Coffee Company cafeteria en Buenos Aires cafe para trabajar estudiar en buenos aires

Dirección: Libertad 1150


De los cafés más ricos que he probado hasta el momento! La calle donde esta es super linda y tiene mesitas afuera bastante grandes, sino adentro también hay mesitas sobre la pared que tienen enchufes, el lugar es super acogedor y la atención siempre fué buena

Foto de Birkin Coffee Cafeteria en Buenos Aires

Foto de Birkin Coffee Cafeteria en Buenos Aires

Dirección: República Árabe Siria 3061


Divina Cadencia es un café librería, esta bueno si quieren ir a leer tranquilos, porque no hay wifi (o anda muy mal) y hay creo que 1 enchufe en todo el patio, el lugar es super lindo todo con luz natural. Otro detalle es que no aceptan tarjeta

Foto de Divina Cadencia Cafeteria Librería en Buenos Aires

Dirección: Honduras 5574


Full City es un cafe colombiano ubicado por Palermo Viejo, tiene pocas mesas y por un momento parece que te trasladaras a otro país por el gran número de extranjeros que lo visitan. Tiene opciones de almuerzo como arepas colombianas! que se puede acompañar con una limonada riquísima!

Full City Coffee House Buenos Aires café colombiano y arepas

Dirección: Thames 1535


A unas cinco cuadras de mi facu hay un Green Eat y es una perdición, insisto en que es uno de los cafés que mejor música pasan, y este en particular tiene un segundo piso que por la mañana generalmente no hay nadie. Además tiene propuestas de desayuno que están buenísimas. (Sin embargo  los almuerzo me parecen que son medio caros y un poco desabrido, pero para estudiar de 8am a 13 esta perfecto!)

Foto de Green eat Buenos Aires desayuno


 6. POT

Este es uno de los lugares que si no te cuentan que existen nunca los descubris. Pot queda dentro de la Galeria Patio del Liceo, que no se ustedes pero queda en pleno Santa Fé (Santa Fé y Laprida) y juró nunca haber visto la puerta a esta galeria. Empezando por el lugar es super canchero, solía ser un colegio. Y en el centro esta Pot, con sus mesitas al aire libre y toda una enredadera de pared. Ir a Pot es como hacer un break de la ciudad, estás en el medio del centro pero con una tranquilidad que no se cree. Hermoso lugar! Y te traen el café con una galletita casera que me parece un detalle super lindo :)

Foto de Pot cafeteria en Buenos Aires
Foto de Pot cafeteria en Buenos Aires

Dirección: Santa Fé 2729

Cuál es su café favorito para trabajar o estudiar en Buenos Aires?

Best of Winter CHA 2015

CHA is the Craft & Hobby Association, and every year they hold a Mega Show where all the crafting companies release their new products, this is one of the items of my to-do bucket list. A few weeks ago the CHA Winter Mega Show 2015 took place, and this are the products which catch my attention:

Decor Tape by Hazel & Ruby

This decor tape basically is huge washi tape that you can use for so many thing as home decor, in a wall, in an old furniture, or for gift wrapping, or for school books, they have some amazing desings! and different sizes. You can check more about their product here
decor tape

Lumi Photo Printing Kit

Lumi photo printing kit is a new alternative to screen printing, using the power of sun to print customized t-shirts and textiles, they have three differetn kits: shadow printing using the shadow of objets to pring, sunfold printing and photo printing. You can see more of how it works here

5 Craft Trend to Watch

So yep I'm still in Norway :)

But I wanted to share with you this post I pull together before leaving. This is are 5 things I found they are trending right now, I hope you find it inspirational :)


Brush lettering is becoming super trendy in poster, postcards, prints, clothing, etc

craft trend to watch brush lettering
 // // 2 // 3 // 4 // 


Geometrical shapes are being seen more often in decoration of interior design, but also in paper crafting, the diamond shape is getting realy popular

craft trend to watch triangles interior desing

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //


Granny squares are back! just like they were in the old times, bus this time we more vivid colors, and different designs

granny square craft trend to watch

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //


As much as everyone like Instagram, hanging printed instagram photos on the wall has become a really nice way to display photos

instagram printed photos craft trend to watch


Last but not least, embroidey hoops, are being used to decorate in many ways that are not only embroidery; they are perfect to decorate indoors as well as outdoors!

embroidery hoop craft trend to watch

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

I hope you have like it this mini, "trend watching" post :)
What do you think is trending right now??

Love, Agus

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