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Doing a cookbook: How I decided to document all my family recipes in a cookbook

Some time ago I decided to start documenting my family's recipes. My mom comes from Perú, my father is Argentinean, my grandparents are Chinese and Spanish, so the food at home was extremely diverse.

Just before deciding to move out from home, I decided all this needed to be documented. This is how a journey of documenting more than 60 recipes began for 8 years. Photography of each dish, copywriting of the recipes and graphic design of the book were done by me.

Here are some details of the book and the process I followed to make plus some tips cause everything doesn't always go as planned 😅

As my two previous photobooks (Erasmus photobook and China trip photobook) I decided to print in Blurb (Even though I wish Blurb have sponsored this post, this is not sponsored just honest review haha)

Biggest Learnings of Food Photography as Amateur 

  - Natural light is everything
  - Learn how to do a balance composition, like adding extra elements to the picture, maybe some ingredients, a spoon, another plate, a glass.
  - Play with color contrast and textures!
  - Take the photos fast! (you can tell when the soup you are doing a photo is cold or the ice cream is melting)


Before making this book I hadn't had any experience in food photography. I started documenting my family recipes just one year before I move away from home, I was 17 years and this was 2011 (left photo). I finally got to finish it in 2019 (right photo). This is the reason that pictures in the book are diverse in quality, they not only reflect my family cuisine but also reflect 8 years of learning and improvement.


Handy elements for food photography

Aliexpress Stationery Curated product review and Haul

This is not the average post I do here, but seems I have not been doing many DIY or travelling cause... coronavirus. I decided I will show a small haul of stationery and other tech stuff from Aliexpress. I guess all readers here still like stationery products as much as I do :)

I am HUGE fan of Aliexpress, not only because you can find whatever you want but because you also find things you didn't know you want or even existed 😅that's a bit dangerous to be honest.

Here are some findings of some of the cutest products I have bought and which I enjoyed and been surprised by the quality. I hope you like it :)

Aliexpress stationery products haul review selection

I noticed that there are some products in Aliexpress that are done by particular designers and are not so easy to find. This Oatmeal paper notes is one of them, I loved the vintage and kawaii look of this notes plus the packaging, super adorable!

Aliexpress stationery products haul review selection
Oatmeal Oats vintage notes here for 1usd
Aliexpress stationery products haul review selection

This are just paper notes with a look kind of Windows 93

Aliexpress stationery products haul review selection
Computer Game Memo notepad here for $1.35 USD

Adorable kawaii notes of fluffy animals here:

Aliexpress stationery products haul review selection
Cute Kawaii Rabit Memo Pad here - $0,45usd

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