Updates! - Living in Holland

It been a long time seens I have been around here! Lot's of things (happy to say the were mostly quite awesome things!)  happen after the last post, I've been involved in some projects in my university that took most of my free time but now the panorama changed a lot for me, because... I move to Netherlands!

Tu/E Library, Eindhoven, Netherlands
I will be living in Eindhoven until Febraury 2016! And I am lucky to say that I will have the chance to study at Tu/E for a semester, the university is so stunning in both academic and architectonic way!

The Pastry Club, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Eindhoven is quite small but I still dont know it all (I have to get use to biking!) so far I have discovered some pretty nice places! Like this pastry shop that used to be and old machinery of Philips, super hipster!

Food Market, Eindhoven, Netherlands
It will be an interesting 6 month abroad :) This was my little update, hope to be able to blog more often! I have lot of trips photos to share!


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