5° School Trick - Paper Clip

Both of this trick are so simple, fast, and cute, I just love it.
The first one is to make like a little folder using just a clip and elastic band, is really useful to hand in projects. In this case I made a little notepad out of  draft paper, to make some notes...
And the second one, (you probably might have seen it in Pinterest) is to make a clip heart from a regular boring clip, and is only two steps from cuteness!
What do you think about it?
WARMING: If this is too simple for you, wait for the next post for a more adventurous DIY, for more news like My Facebook Page!

4° School Trick - Memory Helpers

Hola!! hoy traigo el cuarto tip! y son estos grafiquitos que nos vienen tan bien a la memoria!! Encontré a los dos en Pinterest. El primero es este que lo tengo pegado en mi cuaderno de matemática, son estos monigotes super tiernos que te ayudan a recordar como graficar todo tipo de funciones, la verdad que tiene un nivel bastante alto jaja creo que lo voy a pegar en mi cuaderno de la universidad también :P

Hi!!! Today I bring the fourth School Trick! and they are this "memory helpers" that are incredible useful!! The first one is the one in the photo, I have it in my Math folder is super useful when we have to make a graphic of a fuction, I must said that have a really high level!! ( I will probably used for university too! lol) The drawing are so cute for such an evil subject....
Y después tengo este pegado en mi cuaderno de inglés! es genial para las composiciones así no repetimos tanto la palabra -said-

The second is I have stick it in my English folder (my first language is Spanish (: ) and it is awesome for my writing works!! adds a lot of vocabulary to my essays !
En fin, son dos papelitos que te facilitan la vida jajaj o al menos matemática e inglés!
To conclude, this little papers make your life much easier lol!

Acá les dejo para que lo impriman:
Here is the image if you want to print them:

Espero que les haya gustado y que les sirve como a mi!
I hope it is as helpful as it was to me!

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