Dutch Design Week 2015 - Eindhoven

It been some weeks since the Dutch Design Week took place in Eindhoven. I remember that the few things I knew about Eindhoven before coming was: there is a big design movement and an awesome technological institute, it sounds like a good place to be! And if there it was something in my calendar even before being here was the Dutch Design Week.

I arrived just 2 days before it was over! I had to study a lot for exams but I make time to visit the main installations. What I loved the most about all the projects is the way the combined art and technology in real problems of society, it wasn't just about "pretty design". 

In the photo above is a project call "Interactive VIKA", when you first see it, is was like a wall where each part moved when the person moved. But the main goal of it is to put in hospitals to empower seriously ill children.  This project was part of the "Mind the Step" exhibition, which consisted in a lot of project looking to discover the power of technology, research and design.

This was 3D printing with clay, I didn't even know this already existed!

The Bottle-up project turns the glass waste that tourist leave behind on Zanzibar into valuable assets. They have created really beautiful elements with glass bottles combining them with wood as well. (I really recommend checking their website!)

Atelier Robotiq create this amazing lamps by experimenting with fibers and robotic wearing techniques to make lightweight 3D fiber structures with geometrical weave patterns.

Refil make everything with fully recycled products, from car dashboards to drinking bottles!

This is also a project inside "Mind the Step" is call MyDayLight and it helps people with autism through introducing interactive structure to their daily activities. 

Amazing paper structures by Rinus Roelofs.

This lamps combine wood and metal in a beautfil way, you can check more designs in their website

Popcorn machine taken from a fairytail. Is made by Jolene Carlier, designer and artist, in her drawings she creates a world of pure imagination. 

I really liked the idea behind this project, Is call "10+1". Ina Klepper during her internship at IKEA, researched ways to re-use the company's ceramics, and she found a way to produce more with less. By adding IKEA's textile waste to the clay, the same amount yields 11 bowls instead of 10. The added pulp not only makes the ceramics less heavy, but also leaves a remindful mark with more texture and a touch of translucency.

This project is call "The Space Above" and explores the possibilities of enriching the important rooftop spaces of Bangkok. It aims to allow this limited resource of open space to be shaped creatively trough an open system of construction that utilizes bamboo.

I found this project really nice altough I definitly not see future in it, is call "Cowtarium". It opens up a debate about mass production, by an installation built around a single cow that represents a down-sized production cycle. 

I think this was my favorite project, and is quite ironic since is the only one I dont have photos ( I think I got too excited and forgot about taking a picture... ) Is call Kuub and is a wireless switch that is operated by one playful action. The concept is great and design feels super natural to use.

Ths table is call "Partition" and is designed to combine all the different uses of a table during the day. The sliding panels allow the users to divide the surface into separate stations which they can make their own. 

Last but no least, this lamps call "Eclipse" they are all made from a single sheet of metal, with a single cut where it folds, neat design over here. 

And this where some instalations in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. I especially liked the yellow room, everything was cover not we paint but we yellow felt which was crazy!

Hope you liked my little not so little summary of DDW15!

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Love, Agus

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