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Winter is coming and is time for knitting projects! It was some time ago that I get to know Skeino, they have some really nice knitting kits! This is one of them and it is a scarf that turns into a hat! Designed by Antje Gillingham for SKEINO, the kit comes with the instructions as well as with the yarn. (Friend advice: use the coupon code GUIDECENTRAL to get 10% off until November 1, 2015)

This pattern is call "Entrelac" and is one sided, it consists of a first road of triangles and then a second road of squares, just of one side of the triangles, and then other road of squares in the opposite direction. Here's how to begin: Row 1 (right side) - K1, turn. Row 2 (wrong side) - Purl 1 (P1), turn. Row 3 - Slip (SL) 1 knitwise (KW), K1, turn. Row 4 - P2, turn. Row 5 - SL 1 KW, K2, turn. Row 6 - P3, turn. Repeat rows 5 and 6, adding 1 more knit SL for every right side row until you've worked 8 stitches, ending with row 5. Don't turn your work, place your marker, repeat from row 1, 12 more times.

You can choose between many different high quality yarns. This colorway is called "Port Allen".

The things you need to know for this project are basic, but increasing and decreasing stitches are going to be essential. Start by casting on 104 stitches, mark your place and close. Then, knit 5 rounds, and in the next round, knit 3 (K3), yarn over (YO), knit two together (K2Tog) 12 times, K3. Then, knit 2 more rounds.

I am using circular needles number 2, because the wool is thin, which makes a delicate finished product. For details on finishing the pattern, you can check SKEINO website!

This is how the final hat will look. The ending is similar to the beginning, finishing with triangles, and closing it on the short side with a needle. The Entrelac pattern is very repetitive so it's easy to master.

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