5 Craft Trend to Watch

So yep I'm still in Norway :)

But I wanted to share with you this post I pull together before leaving. This is are 5 things I found they are trending right now, I hope you find it inspirational :)


Brush lettering is becoming super trendy in poster, postcards, prints, clothing, etc

craft trend to watch brush lettering
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Geometrical shapes are being seen more often in decoration of interior design, but also in paper crafting, the diamond shape is getting realy popular

craft trend to watch triangles interior desing

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Granny squares are back! just like they were in the old times, bus this time we more vivid colors, and different designs

granny square craft trend to watch

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As much as everyone like Instagram, hanging printed instagram photos on the wall has become a really nice way to display photos

instagram printed photos craft trend to watch


Last but not least, embroidey hoops, are being used to decorate in many ways that are not only embroidery; they are perfect to decorate indoors as well as outdoors!

embroidery hoop craft trend to watch

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I hope you have like it this mini, "trend watching" post :)
What do you think is trending right now??

Love, Agus
  1. I've noticed hexagons in the craft scene everywhere! :)
    And succulents, too!

    I love the granny square mania!


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