How to do a hanging photo frame

So as you can tell from other post, I love paper photos and this is the reason two years ago I started printing them to put in this kind of analog instagram. Today I completed the final line of photos and I decided to share the final look!

The frame is made super easy with 4 stick of wood, two of 1,20 mt and two of 65 cm. Assamble together into a big frame and I made 8 holes in each side, plus 2 more on the top so I can hang it. Them I put a string and voila!

How do I print the photos?

I always loved polaroid photos so I started printing "polaroid like photos" using this template that is made for printing 6 photos of 6,5 x 6,5 cm in a big photo of 15x21cm. That's the method I use for the photos that I took with the cellphone or the camera (which are most of the photos)

However, a year ago I (finally) bought a Fujifilm Mini Instax 8. I must confess is super fun to take photos with the Fujifilm but I barely carry the camera around and I still can't manage to used correctly, I usually end up with photos that are too dark or to exposed (looking forward to make an upgrade on this camera soon!)

 Please lets talk about this damn beautiful copper wire lights that cost less than 3usd in Aliexpress. They are so delicate and warm looking, the use two small batteries so you can put it absolutely everywhere. This was my final touch for this frame

Hope you like it! Do you usually print photos as well?

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  1. Me encantó ❤ gracias por el tip de las fotos, no lo habia entendido bien en el momento en que me habias contado. Pero ahora que diste bien los centimetros de cada foto puedo poner las fotitos que mas me gustaron en mis scrapbooks (finally!)
    Super calido el ambiente te debió quedar con las fotos.
    Me encantan los posts, seguí así de creativa siempre!!


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