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How to do a customizable city map poster

Hi Everyone! So I have been seeing this city map around for a while and I really wanted to do one. I started analyzing a bit how they can be done and I came out we a quite easy tutorial for you :)

For my poster I choose the city where I did my exchange (almost two years ago now) 

We are going to use for the map an online tool call Mapbox, is free for what we need, you only need to create an account. After you created an account, we need to go to "create a style"

Here is where you can choose how your map will look like, it can be black and white, it can be in colors, monochrome, with street names, without names, you can customized as much as you want. It has thousand of options. After you finish your style and saved it, you can find them in the Styles tab. Mine is call "White and Black" and if you click on the right buttom next to edit, a menu will come up and you have to choose "Generate static image".

This window will pop up, where you can choose what part of the world you want your image to be, and the resolution. After you finish, copy that link in the red stroke to a new tab.
And you have your image ready to be save!

Now we need to move to Illustrator. (Illustrator and not photoshop because we want to print it as a vector). Here I just created a canvas with the size of my frame, did a clipping mask to the original image, and added a label in Roboto font. Now our file is ready to be print!

I hope you liked! This can be a really nice gift for someone, you can do absolutely any city which leads to endless possibilities, also you can play around with color and sizes of frames. 

I leave you with some inspiration :)

Best, Agus
  1. This is an awesome craft. I really love map crafts and will be doing this thank you so much for the tutorial.


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