My first watercolor

HI! today im not posting a card... here I show you -my first watercolor painting- is not really the first one... but is the first that look like a -watercolor- the other one look like pencil (?, yeah.. i don´t why. Well i try to do the landscape that is show in the photo, (dont confuse the one at the top is the photo and the one which is below is my painting lolol, they are so similar :P) ...I hope you enjoy! (and don´t laugh i will improve -.-)

imagen acuarela.bmp

Oh, here is a funny thing that my father do with the image of my painting :) is look very good like that :P

  1. wow! hiciste el dibujo de arriba?!
    boe, jajajaj
    te quedo re lindo agus lo podes volver tarjeta XD

  2. Que bella! No puedo creer que es tu primera watercolor! Que buen trabajo! Me gustan los tulips!

  3. Hola Agustina!
    Gracias por tu lindo comentario. Tu blog tambien es bellisimo y me gusta todo lo que haces. Tambien es muy interesante que con tan corta edad te interesen las manualidades, porque las chicas de ahora de tu edad estan en otras cosas. Muchas felicidades y sigue asi! Eres bienvenida a mi blog todas las veces que quieras... :)

  4. OH wow that is so beautiful! your very talented! Thaks for stopping by my blog too :)


  5. Beautiful! You have a lot of artistic talent. I am Dutch and I love tulips!

  6. Your picture is great!!!!!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog candy!!!


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