Blog candy winners!!!

Hi!! today is 20 October (my birthday!!!) so here is the list of the ones who participate (good luck!!!)
  1. Bricela
  2. Nancy
  3. Saskia
  4. Katarynka
  5. Gra
  6. Agustina
  7. Antoinette
  8. Abaska
  9. Helen
  10. Sondrina
  11. Eva
  12. Nikki
  13. Fliss
  14. Rachel
  15. Maja
  16. Jaspisowa
  17. Marta
  18. Oura512
  19. Victoria
  20. Donia
  21. Anastasija
And the winner is....
Agustina!!! (so funny! lol it´s not me :P ) so happy birthday!! and send your adress to my email (is on my profile) so I can sent you the candy!
Thank you a lot to all the people you enter my blog candy!! I love giving away stuff so maybe I do another giveaway but later.... :D
Bye , have a nice day and congratulation Agus!
Agus :)
  1. congratulation Agustina!!!!
    Thank you Agus about lovely candy!!!:) blessing !!:)

  2. Thank you Rachel and Helen for best wishes. And thank you Agus for the candy and the birthday wishes as well.


Thanks for the comment (:
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