My room (: before-after

Hi! As I promise a long time agooooo lol here are the photos of my room before and after, but I realised it will be really difficult to you to compare because they are taken in diffents positions lol... i will probably do a second post later...

This was my room a year ago:
This my room now:
We change ALL the furniture (this one is also pink lol i wanted yellow but they didnt have :( ... lol) . The -support- (no idea how to say it in english) that is overhead my desk is almost full of cards, and cards suplies lol , and in my desk in the left hand is my Cricut :D.
Do you remember the carpet I made in the summer? Im using it in my room! (it appear in one of the photos) and I also have a painting I made that is a copy of one of Romero Britto´s painting, but i forgot to include it...

Remember to live a comment (:
  1. Uyyyy, que cambio!!!!!Quedo preciosa para una preciosa!!!
    Te felicito!!!Se crea con otro sabor ahora, no????
    Te mando besos Agus!!!!

  2. ¡Hola Agus,
    qué cambio, está preciosa y bien iluminada!
    Me recuerda la habitación de mi hija llena de peluches, te dejo muchos cariños amiga!

  3. Hola Agustina! te felicito por tu habitación, y por tus trabajos.
    A mí me gusta hacer tarjetas y las tuyas me gustan mucho!! Cariños

  4. Wow.. te quedo precioso.. que bonito todo rosita!! felicidades ahora si a scrapear!!

  5. Muy lindo tu cuarto, asi como tu!! ;) Saludos desde Hollister, California!! XOXO

  6. Hello Agustina :-)
    Thank you for taking apart of my BirthdayCandy,but you have to be a follower of my blog ...
    Hugs from Helle in Norway

  7. te quedo muy lindo Agus vas a tener que decirles a tus papis que necesitas un scraproom jejejejejejje yo me quiero mudar al garage
    ya mero termino
    la cabezera de la cama se llama head board creo yo



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