Thank You!!

Today I receive this little super cute present from Helle from Norway!! Thank you so much Helle I love it!!! Here is the pic i take as soon it arrive:

and another thanks for my new follower Feby McCann, be sure to check her blog because she has some amazing creations!! so thank so much for this award!!:

This award has some conditions, however, which are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award... DONE!
2. Add it to your blog... DONE!
3. List 3 things about yourself:
  • Im not good at telling things about my self.... lol
  • I spend too much time reading blogs (: and for time to time cooking (baking)
  • I dont want the summer to start because I want to keep ice skating!! and because in summer I have my english exam (the one for which I study 10 years!).
4. Post your favorite pic:

This is a really new pic that I took yesterday: (spring is coming...)

  1. Bricela: because she does super cute scrapbooking and she is a super follower!
  2. Patricia: she colors her images in an amazing way!! and made sweet cards (:
  3. Gra: she is also a super scrapper and use nice techniques
  4. Sildain: she made cute cards and have reallu cool tutorials, that are super easy to understand!!
  5. Lynn: cardmaker and scrapbooker, she is both, we a super nice style!!
Note: Today Im font on using the word -super- lol

Thanks Feby McCann and Helle!
  1. ¡Hola Agus,
    creo que no se grabó mi comentario, por las dudas lo escribo de vuelta, te decía que es muy lindo recibir regalitos para scrap, te mando muchos cariños, que tengas una excelente semana!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely honor. I'm flattered by your kindness.

  3. gracias! agus por pensar en mi
    y aver como me lo llevo que despues de 2 anos tengo que mandar mi secre que me ponga las cosas en el blog


  4. Gracias Agus!!!! es un honor recibir un premio de tu parte!!!
    Que lindo regalito que recibiste!!!!Seguro que lo aprovecharas muy bien en tus preciosas cards!!!!
    Muchos besos!!!!

  5. Agus muchas gracias por tu obsequio, que chevere esta. Me fue dificil escojer a otras 5 pero bueno ya lo hice Muchisimas gracias.

  6. Congrats on your award and new things to play with, happy for you! And I love your "spring flower" picture!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and say hello! Hey, there's a give-away, you might want to check it out -

  7. Hola Agus, gracias por visitar mi blog. Me alegra que te gustaran mis tarjetas, las tuyas también son preciosas.
    Espero que sigamos viéndonos por aquí.


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