Mis 15

Hi! here I post some photo of my 15 birthday! well I didn´t do a big party with the super dress and lots of guests but I do a little meet with my closes friends in my house :) in this photo you may think I had a super big party because of the cake! lol but is not what it seen! My mom like making and decorating cakes so she made my this big one for my 15 birthday eventhough, it was just a little meet with friends, isn´t cute?! I loved!
Well there are all my friends after they sang the happy birthday! yeah! the last photo with the cake because them was going to be eated!! yummy! (we were all the the school uniform because it was after the school )
A photo with my parents..
Oh! and this photo where we are all together! I love this photo because it look like all white and very shiny, I really don´t know how I take it :P
Hope you enjoy the photos!
  1. Que lindo pastel Agus y que linda fiesta, te deseo que disfrutes intensamente cada año nuevo que llega a tu vida lleno de amor, salud y creatividad!!

  2. WOW!! Que precioso tu pastel, tu mama es una mujer muy talentosa. Me alegra que te hayas divertido en tu dia tan especial.

  3. happy birthday and the blessings!!!:)

  4. Hola Agus!!! Feliz cumple, aunque un poquito atrasado.
    Estas muy linda y esa torta esta espectacular, tu mami tiene manos de oro!!!!
    Tus cards estan cada dia mas lindas, mas completas!!
    Lamento no haberte saludado en tu dia, pero tenia grandes problemas con la compu.
    Desde ayer estoy estrenando compu nueva, asi que entrare mas seguido.
    Te mando un beso grandote!!

  5. What a fabulous cake! Your Mother made it very beautiful. Hope you had a lovely birthday with your friends, I found your blog from card patterns xxx


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