DIY: Double Color Felt Rose

Hi! Here I bring my third tutorial on Felt Flowers! And this is a rose that I invented trying to make something -fun- using two colors of felt
First I wanted to give you a fast tip on how to cut the felt because is quite complicated to draw in it, so is better to use something to pressed and then you can cut it super easily (: I hope is helpful!
 This is what you will need to have cut:
 We will work with two semicircle together and wrapped like shown:
 Every time you do it sew it in the bag to secure:
 Do this will all the semicircle or until you see it enough, and to finish this rose I like to put a pearl in the center to define well the center, it make it look prettier (:
What do you think? Will you try it?
I hope so (:

Thanks for the comment (:
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