DIY: Pistachio's Easter Eggs/ Huevitos de pistacho

   Cada vez que comemos pistachos siempre guardo las cascaritas porque me encantan! parecen de madera, no se son increibles, y el otro día mirandolas me di cuenta que tenían forma de huevito :) y que más lindo que un huevito de pascua?
   Everytime with I eat pistachios I can't avoid saving the shells, I love them! they look like wood, they're awesome, they other day I realized the looked like tiny eggs :) and what can be cuter than easter's eggs?
   Así que agarré acrílicos y pinceles y me puse a pintar! quedaron super tiernas, quería usarlas en una tarjeta pero no tuve tiempo...
  Son super sencillas de hacer, solo se necesita pintura y un poco de magía :)
  I took some acrylic paints, a brush and I started painting! the end up super cute, I wanted to use them in a card but I did't have time to make one... sorry :(
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  1. Super lindos, muy buena idea Agus.

  2. What a nice idea!
    Can I post it in my blog translated in Italian, provided that your blog is mentioned as the original source?

    1. Sure! You can always post my tutorial but never the whole tutorial just some pictures so the readers can come here to see the end (:
      Thanks for the interest!

    2. Thanks! For this post it's a little bit late now. I'll come back next Easter. I'll look for other projects in your blog. Bye for now. Daniela

  3. I love these! Pinning them now :-) Happy Easter! Thanks for posting.

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough


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