Ribbon Twist Ties - Ordenando cables

The other day I found this amazing tutorial on how to make this cute Ribbon Twist Ties, and I knew I have to do it!! I have so many cables around my desk, and this is such a nice way to organize it and keep it tidy

Is super simple to make them! You put a strip of ribbon, glue, wire and the other ribbon strip!
[Source: Lynn + Lou]

I hope you found as helpful as I did :)
Love, Agus

  1. Divinos Agus! y super prácticos!!! besos

  2. Me encanto la idea!! Gracias por compartir!

  3. Me encanta la idea. Yo usaba los alambres de las bolsas de pan de molde. Esto es muchísimo más bonito hehe ¡Definitivamente tengo que probarlo!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  4. Trying now. I hope this works!


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