Avoid broken iPhone cables with this trick

Since I got my first iPhone cable broke I haven't stop thinking strategies so it doesn't happen again... I think I finally have one it works!

The idea consists on two steps reinforce the cable and make it stronger. We get the first one by applying a heat shrinkable (is just a little plastic tube that get smaller with heat). So for this you pass trough a small heat shrinkable up to the usb part and another one for the micro usb/ iphone connector. Then you slighly heat it with a candle and you will see how it starts getting tight.

And to make it even stronger I pass through a pen spring. I opened one of the curl and started twisting around the cable. So far no more cables broken for me!

Btw, I am loving this banana iphone case with googly eyes! I hope this small trick is useful for you as well :)

Love, Agus

Thanks for the comment (:
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